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Alzheimers blood test could predict onset up to 20 years in advance

United States scientists state blood test can be 94% reliable in finding those at threat of the illness

A blood test that can discover indications of Alzheimer’s as much as 20 years prior to the illness starts to have a devastating result has actually been established by scientists in the United States.

Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis in Missouri think the test can recognize modifications in the brain suggestive of Alzheimer’s with 94% precision, while being more affordable and easier than a PET brain scan.

The outcomes of the research study, which was released in the journal Neurology on Thursday, represent a prospective advancement in the battle versus the illness.

“Right now we evaluate individuals for medical trials with brain scans, which is pricey and lengthy, and registering individuals takes years,” stated the senior author, Randall Bateman, a leading teacher of neurology.

“But with a blood test, we might possibly evaluate countless individuals a month. That indicates we can more effectively register individuals in scientific trials, which will assist us discover treatments quicker, and might have a huge effect on the expense of the illness in addition to the human suffering that opts for it.”

The scientists stated they had actually discovered a method to determine levels of the protein amyloid beta, an essential sign of Alzheimer’s, in the blood. They can then utilize such levels to forecast whether the protein has actually collected in the brain.

That analysis might then be integrated with 2 other significant Alzheimer’s threat elements– age and the existence of the hereditary alternative APOE4– to precisely recognize the pertinent modifications in the brain.

The scientists stated the clumps of protein start to form in the brain approximately twenty years prior to the start of the particular amnesia, recommending the tests might be utilized to anticipate Alzheimer’s years ahead of time.

However, the advantages of such screening would not be seen to their max degree up until treatments to stop the illness are established.

In January 2018 , a group of researchers exposed their deal with a test that utilized mass spectrometry strategies to recognize clients with a rogue peptide in their blood plasma, suggesting an accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain.

The newest research study took a look at 158 individuals aged older than 50. All however 10 of the individuals in the brand-new research study were cognitively regular and each offered a minimum of one blood sample and went through one PET brain scan.

The scientists discovered that the blood tests provided the exact same outcomes as the PET scans 88% of the time, which was not satisfying. In order to enhance the precision, the researchers started including the other threat aspects, increasing the precision to more than 90%.

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My biological clock is ticking but having children seems an unaffordable luxury | Arwa Mahdawi

Kids have actually constantly been costly, however insecure real estate and tasks markets have actually made ending up being a moms and dad more economically tough than ever, composes Arwa Mahdawi

F# SEEEE orget Rolexes, designer bags or elegant vacations– the supreme status sign nowadays is a kid. Or, more properly, a lot of kids. (What is the cumulative noun for kids? A thanklessness? A cacophony? A cost?) It appears to have actually ended up being de rigueur for the popular and abundant to have a huge variety of offspring. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Boris Johnson are all part of the Five Kids Club. Madonna has 6. Kim Kardashian just recently revealed a 4th, called Psalm, which she had through a surrogate. Uncommon names are another status sign, naturally: if you can call your kids after fruit, primary instructions or spiritual verse without fretting they will be battered at school, then you are really rock-star abundant.

Anyway, I have actually been thinking of kids (and the expense thereof) a lot just recently, since I am now at the age where my body clock is ticking so loudly that even the neighbours can hear it. When you are a female in your 30s, it is unbelievable how much unsolicited recommendations about your reproductive options you get from random complete strangers. Even if you are not especially desperate to procreate, individuals keep informing you that you must be– that you had much better hurry and have kids prior to it is far too late and your worth as a female fails.

The more I think of the usefulness of having kids, the more I am impressed that anybody in the United States who isn’t a Kardashian can manage it. Kids cost a fortune all over, obviously, however they are especially expensive in the United States, where I live, which is the most costly location worldwide to deliver . The Kafkaesque health care system indicates that it is tough to state just how much a “common” shipment expenses, however one research study in 2013 approximated a regular vaginal birth at $32,093 (about 20,000 at the time). Simply put, a bog-standard birth in the United States expenses more than providing a royal child . Your expense will rapidly reach an eye-watering figure if you are unfortunate sufficient to have problems. In 2015, for instance, the Guardian reported on a household who were charged $877,000 for the care of their early triplets . Even if you have excellent medical insurance, a complex birth can rapidly drive you into financial obligation.

Once you have had the kid, things just get harder. The United States is the only industrialized nation on the planet without paid adult leave, while the expenses of child care are huge– although Britain offers it a run for its cash in the latter regard. You have to element in living someplace with more than one bed room when lots of real estate markets are unaffordable. On top of all that, there is the reality that work is growing more precarious as business change full-time workers with professionals.

Kids have actually constantly been pricey– that is not news– however I am uncertain they have actually ever felt rather so out of reach for individuals in the center class. It is no surprise that individuals are having less kids than they would like: kids have actually ended up being a high-end that much of us can no longer pay for. While that might be great news for the environment , it is a grim indictment of our society.

  • Arwa Mahdawi is a Guardian writer

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Five more US states sue Purdue Pharma over its role in opioid crisis

Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland and West Virginia sign up with a number of lots other states, declaring business pressed incorrect claims

Five more US mentions took legal action against the pain reliever maker Purdue Pharma on Thursday, declaring misbehavior in the marketing and sales of opioids such as the business’s extremely rewarding OxyContin narcotic.

Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland and West Virginia submitted comparable however different suits, bringing the variety of states taking legal action against the pharmaceutical business to 45, over its supposed function in the United States opioids crisis that has actually triggered countless drug overdose deaths. Pennsylvania took legal action against the business 2 days earlier, while New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Wednesday signed up with a host of scholastic and cultural organizations in revealing it would stop accepting philanthropy from the Sackler relative behind Purdue Pharma.

The 5 states that submitted on Thursday are likewise taking legal action against Richard Sackler , who was formerly Purdue’s co-chairman and president and is among the leading members of the Sackler household who entirely own the personal business.

Sackler has actually been taken legal action against in numerous other such claims in current months and Purdue is likewise being taken legal action against by more than 1,500 cities and counties from all throughout the United States.

West Virginia’s suit declares Purdue Pharma strongly pressed misleading practices and incorrect claims, even in the previous training brand-new marketing workers with the marketing slogan: “We offer hope in a bottle.”

“This claim exposes several years of painstaking examination,” West Virginia’s attorney general of the United States, Patrick Morrisey, stated. “The ridiculous death and destroyed lives of unknown thousands need to stop.”

Purdue Pharma and Richard Sackler have consistently and strenuously rejected the accusations in the numerous suits versus them, and all misbehavior.

In Wisconsin, opioids cost 916 lives in the state in 2017, the state’s fit stated.

“The opioid epidemic has actually shattered lives and stretched neighborhoods throughout the nation and the state,” stated Wisconsin’s chief law officer, Josh Kaul. “Today, we submitted match … declaring that they misinformed the medical and public experts about both the advantages of and the risks postured by OxyContin and other opioids, which the opioid epidemic is partially attributable to their conduct.”

Wisconsin’s claim, submitted in Dane county circuit court, looks for a long-term injunction, reduction of the general public problem, and civil charges. It declares that the business entities Purdue Pharma LP and Purdue Pharma Inc, and Sackler consistently made misleading and incorrect claims concerning opioids, consisting of OxyContin.

Purdue Pharma’s incorrect and misleading marketing developed a shift in the understanding of the efficiency and threat of opioids, the problem declares. “In order to fight the issues about opioids being mistreated, Purdue released an aggressive marketing project that looked for to increase sales of OxyContin, while altering the accepted standards about opioid prescribing.”

The Wisconsin problem even more declares that, after a 2007 settlement in a federal criminal case versus Purdue and a few of its leading executives, in a case that did not consist of any charges versus any members of the Sackler household, Purdue continued to participate in incorrect, deceptive and misleading marketing practices in relation to its prescription pain reliever and the dangers of dependency, death and abuse.

Kaul declares that Purdue and Richard Sackler were completely familiar with the possible revenues of OxyContin.

OxyContin was released in the mid-90s as a development in discomfort relief, since of its formula for regulated, continual release of its active component, which is stemmed from the opium poppy.

Iowa’s attorney general of the United States, Tom Miller, stated: “Purdue Pharma is accountable for a public health crisis that has actually exceptionally impacted clients, their households, our neighborhoods, and our health care system,” Miller stated. “The business and its executives were recklessly indifferent to the effect of their actions, regardless of ever-mounting proof that their deceptiveness were leading to an epidemic of dependency and death.”

Purdue Pharma released a declaration on Thursday, stating: “Purdue Pharma strongly rejects the accusations in the claims submitted today and will continue to protect itself versus these deceptive attacks.”

The business indicated the substantial current advancement in its favor that North Dakota’s state suit versus it was thrown away previously this month, and kept in mind that: “As the judge specified in his choice, one business can not be held liable for an intricate public health concern such as the opioid crisis.”

The North Dakota attorney general of the United States is appealing versus the choice.

On Thursday, in reaction to the most recent flurry of claims, Purdue included: “These problems become part of a continuing effort to attempt these cases in the court of popular opinion instead of the justice system. The states can not connect the conduct declared to the damage explained, therefore they have actually created amazingly over-broad legal theories, which if embraced by courts, will weaken the bedrock legal concept of causation.

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Alabama pushes to make abortion a crime as conservatives target Roe v Wade

Planned Parenthood condemns expense, which would prohibit nearly all abortions, as death sentence for females

Alabama has actually ended up being the current Republican-leaning state looking for to propose a stringent abortion restriction as conservatives take goal at the 1973 United States supreme court choice that legislated abortion.

Energized by brand-new conservatives on the supreme court, abortion challengers in several states want to fire up brand-new legal fights that might trigger the court to review Roe v Wade.

Alabama legislators presented legislation on Tuesday that would make carrying out an abortion at any phase of pregnancy a felony unless the mom’s health remains in jeopardy. That follows Kentucky and Mississippi authorized restrictions on abortion as soon as a fetal heart beat is spotted, which occurs as quickly as the 6th week of pregnancy.

Other states, consisting of Georgia and South Carolina, might enact comparable restrictions.

The Alabama expense goes even additional: it would prohibit all abortions and consist of exemptions for the health of the mom, however not for rape and incest.

“It merely criminalizes abortion,” stated expense sponsor Terri Collins, a Republican from Decatur, Alabama, stated of the Alabama costs. “Hopefully, it takes it all the method to the supreme court to reverse Roe versus Wade.”

The text of the Alabama costs compared legalized abortion to history’s biggest atrocities, consisting of the Holocaust. The expense has more than 60 co-sponsors in the 105-member Alabama home of agents.

Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, called the Alabama legislation a “death sentence for females throughout this state”.

“Beyond that, these restrictions are blatantly unconstitutional and legislators understand it– they simply do not care. Alabamians are simply pawns in this political video game to challenge access to safe, legal abortion nationally,” Fox stated. Once a fetal heart beat is identified, #peeee

Georgia’s guv is thinking about whether to sign a law prohibiting abortion. More than 50 Hollywood stars, consisting of Alyssa Milano, Alec Baldwin and Amy Schumer sent out a letter threatening to pull service out of Georgia– a center for tv and motion picture production– if the restriction is enacted. If a fetal heart beat is found, #peeee

A South Carolina home subcommittee passed an expense on Tuesday that would prohibit practically all abortions.

Opponents argued the expenses are losing and eventually useless court fights will leave the states with substantial legal expenses.

“Here’s the issue: this expense is unconstitutional,” Vicki Ringer, director of Public Affairs Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, stated throughout subcommittee argument of the South Carolina costs. “You think that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will conserve you on the supreme court. That court has actually currently obstructed an abortion costs.”

Asked about proposing something plainly in dispute with present supreme court choices, Collins, who formerly sponsored heart beat legislation in Alabama, stated the “entire point is to get the courts to relook at this problem.

“I believe individuals are seeing a possibility that the supreme court may have a more conservative-leaning balance,” Collins stated.

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Purdue’s opioid settlement puts big pharma on notice

The Oklahoma settlement is a foretaste of a barrage of civil suits in the pipeline versus lots of drug suppliers, producers and drug stores

Oklahoma’s chief law officer, Mike Hunter, believed it finest to take the cash and run.

Just weeks from the start of a much-anticipated trial versus the business at the heart of the United States opioid epidemic , Hunter was unnerved when Purdue Pharma started making sounds about stating insolvency in the face of installing suits over its effective narcotic prescription pain reliever, OxyContin.

Fearing that Oklahoma may be left not able to gather, which would be bad for the state and for the attorney general of the United States’s political standing, he chose to settle for an overall of $270m from Purdue and branches of the Sackler household that own the business, it was revealed on Tuesday.

“We needed to consider that they were designing personal bankruptcy,” stated Hunter.

The settlement was much more than any other state has actually handled to eject of Purdue over its criminal marketing of OxyContin, consisting of incorrect claims to medical professionals that it was less addicting than other opioids. The $75m payment by members of the Sackler household, as part of the $270m, was a.

The Sacklers stated their $75m payment was a “voluntary promise” to develop a dependency and treatment centre in Oklahoma and did not total up to an admission of fault. It was the very first time the household has actually straight contributed towards attending to the effects of the opioid epidemic .

Lawyers saw it as substantial for another factor. The cash came as an outcome of settlements with the state’s attorney general of the United States and belonged to the total $270m settlement in between Hunter and Purdue, indicating the Sackler household ended up being straight associated with the legal case although relative had actually not been called in this specific lawsuits.

Hunter might have been wise to get what he can from Purdue while he can as the business lastly starts to enjoy the outcomes of the disaster it planted twenty years earlier.

The Oklahoma settlement is a foretaste of a barrage of civil suits in the pipeline versus not just Purdue however lots of drug makers, suppliers and drug stores as cities and states look for billions of dollars from those they blame for the most significant drug epidemic in United States history .

Lawyers behind the biggest of the actions– integrating claims by more than 1,600 neighborhoods, from West Virginia coal towns to Native American bookings, in a federal case in Ohio — see the Oklahoma settlement as proof that Purdue understands it has long shot of winning in court. They likewise comprehend that the scale of the overall settlement they are looking for, to match the substantial payments by the tobacco market 2 years back in order to money the huge public expenses of the social repercussions of the epidemic , will have to be paid by more than simply Purdue.

“This settlement is another reflection of the amazing significance and strength of the claims versus Purdue Pharma,” the legal representatives stated in a joint declaration. “Purdue’s misbehavior, nevertheless, does not stand alone. There are almost 2 lots other accuseds with pending claims versus them in federal court. Our company believe all of these accuseds– opioid producers, suppliers, and drug stores– should be delegated their function in the epidemic, and we will continue to pursue responsibility for the countless neighborhoods we represent.”

Oklahoma's clever to get what he can from purdue while he can.”src=”″/> Oklahoma’s attorney general of the United States, Mike Hunter, might have been wise to get what he can from Purdue while he can. Photo: Mike Simons/AP

A significant challenge for Purdue is that it currently has a criminal conviction for much of the actions for which it is now being taken legal action against. In 2007, the business pleaded guilty to a felony and was fined$600m over its aggressive sales project to flood the nation with OxyContin by pushing physicians to recommend it. The business confessed to training its sales agents to incorrectly declare that what drug enforcement representatives called”heroin in a tablet “was less addicting and more secure than other opioids, to name a few criminal activities.

Purdue’s president, basic counsel and primary medical officer were likewise founded guilty and fined $34m in between them.

Many of the civil suits versus the business are rooted in the effects of the criminal marketing of OxyContin.

More just recently, claims have actually likewise concentrated on the households of Mortimer and Raymond Sackler, the physician bros who turned Purdue Pharma into a pharmaceutical giant and ran it as OxyContin drove the opioid epidemic. A Massachusetts case and cases in New York have called 8 members of the Sackler household declared to have actually played a part in the increase of OxyContin. Amongst them is Richard Sackler, the boy of Raymond, who as president of Purdue Pharma in the 1990s assured a “blizzard of prescriptions” that would make OxyContin the go-to drug for discomfort treatment.

The case versus other business might be more difficult to show, although a few of them might select to reach monetary settlements instead of have a public airing of the allegations that they put earnings over American lives. Amongst the most significant is the drug supplier McKesson, which has the 5th biggest profits of any business in the United States. 2 years ago it paid a $150m great for stopping working to satisfy its legal commitments to keep track of shipments to drug stores of countless opioid tablets. McKesson and other suppliers are implicated of putting opioids into states at the epicentre of the crisis, especially West Virginia , where countless tablets were provided to small-town drug stores.

u-responsive-ratio”> Family
Family and pals who have actually lost liked ones to OxyContin and opioid overdoses leave tablet bottles in demonstration outside Purdue Pharma’s HQ in Connecticut. Picture: Jessica Hill/AP

As the claims have accumulated , Purdue Pharma has actually looked for to paint the legal actions as “wasting resources on lengthy lawsuits” that might go to assist those who have actually ended up being addicted. It is running adverts declaring to be at the leading edge of battling substance abuse. The business characterised the Oklahoma monetary settlement as an act of largesse by explaining it as “an extension of our dedication to assist drive services to the opioid dependency crisis”.

Purdue is likewise promoting its brand-new remedy, Nalmefene, which is created to reverse opioid overdoses. The business has stated it will not benefit from the drug.

At the exact same time, Purdue is soft-pedaling the function of OxyContin in the epidemic. It has actually tried to move the focus to the rising variety of deaths from controlled substances such as heroin and black-market fentanyl. The Centers for Disease Control computes that 70% of heroin users started with prescription opioids.

The civil actions might show to be just the start of the issues for those who own and run Purdue. The business and members of the Sackler household are likewise targets of criminal examinations . And their long custom of arts and instructional philanthropy has actually been turned upside down in the in 2015, with demonstrations by anti-Sackler activists and the waterfall of claims from suits. This has capped in the recently with organizations in the United States and UK avoiding provided or future possible presents and among the household structures suspending contributions in the middle of the furore.

Those who have actually suffered the most from the epidemic have long grumbled that business paying out-of-court settlements concern them as “the expense of working”. They wish to see the people who decided to press opioids on to an unwary American public held to account .

“We require criminal charges brought versus these individuals,” stated Emily Walden, chair of the Fed Up Coalition of households struck by the medical and epidemic experts. “We require to toss a few of these individuals in jail. I do not desire this to come across as the expense of operating where they can still have billions of dollars in their pockets.”

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Ive frozen my eggs, but women shouldnt have to solve the baby bust alone | Dearbhail McDonald

We are having less kids and living longer than ever prior to we require to discuss the fertility crisis, composes Dearbhail McDonald

I t’s a long roadway from having fun with child dolls as a kid, battling with your twin sibling over the name of your future initially born, to being sedated and wheeled into an operating theatre for your eggs to be recovered and frozen. That’s where I discovered myself a couple of years earlier. A female in her mid-30s, extremely informed with a gratifying and effective media profession, injecting herself daily with a bespoke mixed drink of hormonal agents, and parting with countless pounds in a heart-wrenching quote to protect her opportunities of motherhood.

Nothing rather prepares you for the psychological rollercoaster of fertility treatment. There’s the sorrow for the kids you may never ever have; the raking over every individual relationship and profession development, the “what ifs” pounding you like hailstones in a freak storm.

And that’s prior to you subject yourself to expensive, intrusive medical treatments (you lose count of the number of times a cam is placed into your cervix) for chances with still strikingly low returns. It is a gamble I wanted to take and”Operation Frozen”– as my good friends called the pursuit– was among the very best choices I have actually ever made. Freezing my eggs does not ensure my future motherhood. Nature does not either. Science has actually provided me the possibility of ending up being a mum, ideally with Mr Right, however possibly on my own, a course a growing number of my good friends have actually courageously started.

During my treatment at a London fertility center, I looked for day-to-day sanctuary in the splendour of St Paul’s Cathedral. And in those extremely personal, and sometimes lonesome, tearful minutes, what I didn’t value was that my issue is one dealing with countless males and females all over the world. It cuts to the heart of among the greatest financial and social obstacles of our times: we are leaving it far too late to develop infants naturally or are having less kids than ever previously.

Nearly half of the world’s nations are dealing with an infant bust, implying there are inadequate kids to keep their population size. Global fertility rates have actually nearly cut in half given that the 1950s , from 4.7 kids per lady in 1950, to 2.4 kids– the replacement rate is 2.1– by 2017. In 2015 the variety of kids born in Britain, which has a fertility rate of 1.7– and which will now present fertility education into its curriculum for secondary school trainees– struck a 10-year low. Ireland (1.8 ), the nation of my birth, when topped Europe’s fertility league– sustained in no little part by the coercive control over personal life and public law wielded by the Catholic church– however likewise tape-recorded the most affordable variety of births per 1,000 because records started.

The decrease in international fertility rates is an amazing success story for mankind. Female education and empowerment is the essential motorist of lowered fertility rates mitigating overpopulation, while lowering kid death and kid hardship. We can not get away the truth that, while we’re having less kids, we’re living longer. And this tectonic merging is having significant repercussions for people, households, our future labor forces– even what it suggests to be a country state. The phenomenon of “bad demographics”, of not producing steady, growing populations, likewise positions difficulties for financial development and stability, with greater rate of interest and slower development rates anticipated for the majority of industrialized nations.

 A dearbhail mcdonald’s’fertility shock’documentary”src= “″/> A still from Dearbhail McDonald’s TELEVISION documentary, Fertility Shock.

Governments are now browsing decreasing working-age populations and steeling their citizens for the fallout of quickly diminishing dependence ratios– the variety of kids under the age of 15 and those aged 65 and over, supported by employees in their prime years. We see the issue played out in cautions about the capability to sustain pensions and health and other social programs. And we see it in policy actions such as cutting state pension advantages, raising the state pension age or increasing migration– fertility’s biggest wild card and among the greatest humanitarian crises of our time.

Many federal governments would need to increase net migration by substantial numbers to alleviate the impacts of the upcoming waves of retirement. As we understand just too well from assistance for Donald Trump to Brexit and beyond, taking on decreasing working-age populations with ever more open migration policies is not a basic option. Simply want to Hungary, where last month its anti-immigration premier, Viktor Orbn, revealed a life time tax exemption for females who have 4 kids or more.

It’s not simply Europe that is aging. The fertility rate is listed below replacement level in a lot of high-income, industrialized economies consisting of China, whose birth level fell to its least expensive in 5 years in 2015, regardless of unwinding its one- then two-child policy. In Japan more adult nappies are offered than child nappies. Vladimir Putin is providing cash-for-kids benefits– day of rests to copulate and rewards consisting of refrigerators– to reverse Russia’s constant population decrease.

u-responsive-ratio”> A
“”/> ‘In China, the birth level was up to its least expensive level in 5 years in 2015, regardless of unwinding its one-, then 2-, kid, policy.’ Photo: AP

Why then exists an incomprehensible failure to see the mix of decreasing birth rates and durability– which press those vital reliance ratios lower– through a fertility or equality lens? The huge bulk of established economies are refraining from doing enough to subsidise the expenses of child care, or deal with real estate crises that hinder numerous– ladies and guys– from beginning a household earlier due to the fact that they do not have a house to call their own.

The political is, naturally, deeply individual. Significantly, lots of ladies who have actually pursued significant professions, or postponed childbearing due to the fact that they feel evaluated of being a parent– in addition to putting in long working hours– are counting on medication. Ever advanced IVF innovations are bringing delight to millions all over the world and might be validated on the individual level, as they might one day be for me. They are no replacement for developing kids naturally.

The effect of the impressive fall in birth rates is a transformation in human affairs that females ought to not need to bear alone. The significant decrease in male sperm counts in western nations, by majority in 40 years, ought to likewise set alarm bells sounding.

Fertility is a crucial marker for males’s health, associated as lower sperm counts are with an increased threat of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and sudden death in guys. One of the awful paradoxes of centuries of positioning many of the duty for fertility and child-rearing on females, is that we have actually neglected what is probably a looming public health crisis for guys. Freezing my eggs has actually permitted me to have a profession and still anticipate a future as a mom. Extensive fertility shifts need an extreme rethink of federal government policies and our business culture, as well as a sea modification in mindsets towards ladies, giving birth and being a parent by all.

We require to deal with the cultural and structural barriers that still punish ladies for having kids– there’s a factor it’s called the “motherhood charge”– and it’s a discussion that guys, for their sake and ours, require to sign up with. It’s difficult to speak about one’s personal fertility journey. The time for an educated dispute is beyond disagreement. The choices policymakers and magnate make today might have effects for generations to come. Let’s have that discussion now– prior to it’s too late.

Dearbhail McDonald’s RT One TELEVISION documentary, Fertility Shock , will be transmitted on 11 March. McDonald is group organisation editor, Independent Newspapers (Ireland)

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