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Howard Schultz does not do well in CNN’s new poll

(CNN)There’s no sign that Americans like Howard Schultz 2 weeks into the rollout of his possible independent run for president; he had the worst varieties of any possible prospect evaluated, just one-in-five stated they were most likely to support him if he were to run in 2020, according to a CNN survey performed by SSRS and launched Wednesday.

Schultz was connected with Bloomberg for those who stated they were “not most likely at all” to support the 2 prospects. They follow the over half of Americans who stated they were “not most likely at all” to support President Donald Trump, according to the survey. Americans were 11 times most likely to state they were not inclined to elect him (44%) than to state they were most likely to back him (4%).
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The variety of individuals ruling him out at this moment may be particularly discouraging for Schultz, who remains in the middle of a public trip pressing a possible run. He’s a previous Democrat who states his primary objective is to beat Trump, however has actually gotten a great deal of attention in current weeks by assaulting Democratic prospects for their progressive positions on healthcare and taxes. Schultz will be on a book trip this upcoming week and taking part in a CNN city center on February 12th.
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