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University Student Hospitalized After Eating A Tide Pod

A Utah State University student was reportedly taken to a hospital on Saturday after swallowing a Tide detergent pod just days after health officials released repeated warnings against ingesting them.

Local media captured video of the unidentified student being wheeled to an ambulance on a stretcher from a Logan campus dormitory. The hospital has not released the student’s condition.

Health officials have warned that ingesting laundry detergent can cause seizures, pulmonary edema, respiratory arrest, coma and even death. The warning follows an increase in teenagers requiring medical treatment after intentionally eating or exposing themselves to the toxins amid a so-called “Tide Pod Challenge” on social media.

A Utah State University student was reportedly hospitalized on Saturday after eating a Tide Pod.

Eric Warren, director of media relations at USU, confirmed the incident to Salt Lake City station Fox 13, but he added that the school does not know the reason why the student ingested the pod.

“For students and members of our university who are feeling overwhelmed, we have services available. There are people here to talk to you,” he said in a statement.

Fellow USU students reacted with surprise upon hearing the news.

“I think that it’s stupid that anyone would even attempt to eat laundry detergent,” student John Hilton told ABC 4 News. “That’s why I’m going to college, I consider myself more intelligent than that.”

Incidents of children eating or being harmfully exposed to the laundry detergent packets have been reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers for several years, with the products’ colorful appearance often seen as resembling candy.

It was only recently that there was an uptick in teenagers intentionally eating and exposing themselves to the products, the AAPCC said last week.

That increase follows the “Tide Pod Challenge” gaining momentum on social media. It’s prompted people to post memes and videos of themselves eating the detergent, mostly as a joke, in an apparent attempt to get online attention.

Because detergent is toxic, if it is consumed, officials urge people to call the poison-control helpline immediately at 800-222-1222.

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How You Should Treat Earwax Build-Up At Home

How You Should Treat Earwax Build-Up At Home

The ears are very delicate organs which need proper care, but we often tend to ignore them. Earwax buildup is one of the problems that occur due to lack of care. Here are some ways to remove earwax without causing injury or damage to the ears.

Why should You Not Use Cotton Buds?

Did You Know? Contrary to popular belief, the use of cotton buds is more harmful than beneficial when it comes to cleaning the ears.

Cotton buds actually keep pushing the earwax further into the ear canal, eventually blocking the eardrum, causing earache and hearing loss.

What is Ear Wax

Also called ‘cerumen’ in medical terms, earwax is a sticky waxy substance that is secreted by the glands in the ear canal. It usually contains dead skin, oil, and sweat. The primary function of earwax is to protect the ear from bacterial infections, dust, and water.

Types of Earwax

Earwax can be classified into the wet and dry wax.

Wet wax can either be soft or hard. When the hard wax gets stuck inside the ear, it becomes very difficult to remove. This kind of wax is called ‘impacted earwax’. Different people produce different quantities of earwax. Too much earwax may often block the ears and cause muffled hearing or temporary hearing loss. Bacteria that may remain trapped along with the wax inside the ear canal can put a person at the risk of developing an ear infection.What Not to Do

How to Remove EarWax

Removing earwax is a common hygienic practice, but most people often use cotton buds, their fingers, pins, etc., for this purpose. However, this is a very unwise thing to do, as it may lead to injury or hearing loss, and most importantly, it only pushes the wax further inside the ear canal. That is why these methods are not recommended by doctors.

A lot of people also think that earwax removal is not necessary as the ears are equipped to naturally clean themselves. This is not at all true.

When do you need to remove Earwax?

You will mostly have to get your ears cleaned when:

You are having difficulty in hearing

Experiencing pain in the ear canal

The hearing in one ear isn’t as clear as then other

How to Remove EarWax At Home

Earwax removal can be done at home itself. Here are some methods that you can try:

earwax cleaner:

New Smart Soft Spiral Ear Cleaner Easy Earwax Removal 

Clean your ears in a smart way! Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax.

– Innovative easy earwax removal soft spiral ear cleaner smart swab.

– The spiral grooved head is designed to go the perfect distance into the ear.

– Easy to use. Simply insert, then twist in the direction of the arrow.

– Gentle and effective. Safe way to clean your ears and prevent earwax build-up

For more information on Smart earwax cleaner

Olive Oil: One of the best methods would be to use some warm olive oil. Do make sure that the oil is not too hot. A few drops of oil can be put in the affected ear canal while holding that side up. Leave it inside for around 5 minutes, and then turn over the other way around to let the oil drip out onto a towel. This will help further if it is done after a shower.

Cerumol Ear Drops

There are some over-the-counter ear drops that might also be helpful. Put a few drops of wax softener for 4 or 5 days, and then use a rubber bulb syringe to squirt warm water into the ear canal. This will help the wax drip out along with the water. After that, a cotton ball can be used to dry out all the water.

Otex Ear Drops 

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for the aforementioned procedure. They are both safe and easy to use. Ear drops should, however, be of room temperature, as instilling ear drops that are too warm or too cold might damage the eardrum.

Ear Irrigation:


Audiclean hygiene of the ear is an ear solution to gently clean the external ear canal. This solution prevents the formation of blockages and drains excess of earwax.Quick and easy to use, Audiclean Hygiene of the ear provides a pleasant sensation of freshness

How often should you clean your ears?

It is recommended that earwax removal should be done every six months to one year, depending upon the level of secretion of the concerned individual.

Also, if you are not too sure of adopting any procedure for yourself, the best thing is to get it done by a specialist.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.

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What Type Of Cough Do You Have?

Cough and cold are one of the most common ailments that trouble mankind since time immemorial.

What is a Cough?

Cough is a sudden reflex action by the respiratory organs to clear the breathing passages that get obstructed by irritants, foreign particles, micro-organisms and secretions. When one coughs, there are three actions taking place within the body. First, the lungs inhale air, then they force the air out through exhalation against a closed glottis. Thirdly, this violent release of air forces open the glottis that leads to a distinct, loud sound called cough.

Two Types Of Cough

There are two types of cough one can suffer from. These include wet cough and dry cough. We shall have an overview the two types of coughs in the paragraphs below. This will help you understand and differentiate between the two coughs better.What is Wet Cough and Dry Cough?In order to understand the arguments between wet cough and dry cough, one needs to know what each cough means. Each of the coughs described individually below, will help you understand the difference between wet cough and dry cough better.Wet Cough

It is also known as productive cough. This cough is accompanied by production of sputum (mucus) and phlegm. The phlegm is drained from the postnasal drainage at the back of the throat from the nose. The sputum may also be produced in the lungs. It is very important to throw up the mucus from the body and not suppress it. This is because they contain many microbes and other particles that lead to respiratory illness and cough. The causes of this type of cough are given below.Viral Infection

Common cold caused by a viral infection is one of the most common causes of wet cough. The mucus that drips down the back of the throat, tends to trigger coughing. Thus, cough and cold go hand in hand during a viral respiratory infection.Bacterial Infection

There are many bacteria that cause upper respiratory infections as well as lung infection. In order to get rid of these microbes, the body secretes mucus that traps these organisms. Thus, one tends to suffer from cough with phlegm. If as a result of bacterial infection, it may indicate respiratory conditions like pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis and tuberculosis.Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is a disease that may lead to wet cough. This indicates that an infection has turned serious and one needs medical attention soon.Post-nasal Drip

A viral infection or continuous draining of mucus from the back of the throat may lead to wet cough. The nasal discharge flowing down the throat makes one feel like clearing the throat.Smoking

Chronic smokers or those who use tobacco tend to show signs of productive cough. This occurs due to lung damage and constant irritation of the esophagus. The lung and esophagus produce mucus to reduce the irritation and clear off the foreign particles in the lungs due to constant smoking.Dry Cough

Dry cough, just like wet cough, is known as non-productive cough. This is because this cough does not lead to production of sputum or phlegm. This cough generally is characterized by a dry, hacking sound. The causes of a dry cough are as follows -Viral Infection

Just like I said before, cough and cold go together. In the same way, dry cough too can be caused by a viral infection. Many times, one tends to suffer from dry cough after a bout of cold and flu. This cough lasts for a couple of weeks and it tends to worsen at night.Bronchospasm

A spasm occurring in the bronchial tubes leads to cough due to irritation. These bronchospasms mostly cause dry cough at night.Allergies

Allergy to dust, pollen, smoke, chemical irritants, etc. may lead to dry cough.Asthma

Chronic dry cough is a sign of asthma. If one suffers from wheezing, breathing trouble, etc. one should seek medical help for diagnosis of asthma.Blockage

When one tends to breathe in some foreign matter or a food particle, or if any object enters the windpipe, it immediately leads to a reflex action. This causes one to develop a dry cough that helps expel the object blocking the respiratory passage.

Difference Between Wet and Dry Cough

Wet Cough: It is called productive cough.

A dry cough : It is known as a non-productive cough.

Wet Cough: There is the production of phlegm and sputum.

Dry Cough: There is no secretion of phlegm or mucus.

Wt Cough: It does not involve itchiness in throat.

Dry cough causes a lot of irritation and itchiness in the throat.

Wet cough occurs when an allergen or pathogen enters the respiratory system or occurs when an infection leads to bronchitis or pneumonia.

Dry cough is a result of asthma, gastroesophageal reflux, use of medications like ACE inhibitors and dust and pollen.

Natural expectorants soften the mucus and expel it easily and are hence used to treat wet coughs.

Antitussives (cough suppressant), like codeine linctus, help in suppression and treatment of a dry cough.

 As you can see, both of them are very different from each other, but both help in expelling the irritants and pathogens from the body. Cough can be called a type of immune response by the body to keep infections and illness at bay. Hope the above information has been useful in helping you understand the difference between the two types of cough.

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Netflix ends House of Cards amid Kevin Spacey allegations

Company made decision months ago but only let it be known after claims Spacey had made sexual advances towards a 14-year-old actor

Netflix is ending its Emmy-nominated political drama House of Cards at the conclusion of its upcoming sixth season amid sexual allegations against Kevin Spacey.

The final episodes of the TV series, starring Spacey and Robin Wright as ruthless political operators in the United States government, will air in 2018.

News of the ending comes less than 24 hours after Spacey responded publicly to allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances on a 14-year-old actor in 1986.

The allegations, from Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp, were first aired in an interview with Buzzfeed on Monday. Spacey responded on Twitter with an apology, saying he did not remember the incident, but that if it happened he believed it would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour .

Media Rights Capital and Netflix, who produce House of Cards, released a statement on Monday in response to the allegations against Spacey, saying they were deeply troubled by the news.

In response to last nights revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time, the statement said.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Guardian Australia that the decision to end the show was made months earlier, and not in response to the allegations about Spacey surfacing.

House of Cards began in 2013, following husband and wife team Frank and Claire Underwood (Spacey and Wright) as they manipulated and murdered their way up the political ladder to the Oval Office. The show was nominated for 33 Emmy awards and eight Golden Globe awards, with Spacey and Wright winning best actor and actress Golden Globes for their performances.

The show received favourable reviews for its first two seasons, but the response to recent seasons has been mixed.

Social media response to the news has resulted in calls for the show to continue but with Wright as the sole lead.

 zach (@ZachMorganBrown)

Would I watch a house of cards with just Claire Underwood? 

Yes I’d actually prefer it

October 30, 2017

Would I watch a house of cards with just Claire Underwood? 

Yes I’d actually prefer it

House of Cards creator and showrunner for its first four seasons, Beau Willimon, also released a statement on Monday via Twitter, saying he neither witnessed nor was aware of any inappropriate behaviour on set or off during his time working with Spacey on the show, but that he took reports of such behaviour seriously, and this is no exception.

Beau Willimon (@BeauWillimon)

My statement regarding Anthony Rapp and Kevin Spacey:

October 30, 2017

My statement regarding Anthony Rapp and Kevin Spacey:

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How Well Do You Sleep

Reasons Why Lack Of Sleep Will Affect Your Health

You the know absence of rest could make you irritated and also foggy. You could unknown just what it can do to your sex life, memory, wellness, looks, or even capability to shed weight. Here are 10 shocking– as well as major– effects of rest loss.

1. Drowsiness Causes Accidents

Rest deprival was a consider some of the greatest disasters in recent history: the 1979 nuclear mishap at 3 Mile Island, the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill, the 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, as well as others.

Rest loss is likewise a huge public safety and security risk everyday when traveling. Sleepiness could slow response time as long as driving intoxicated. The National Freeway Traffic Safety and security Administration approximates that exhaustion is a cause in 100, 000 auto accidents and also 1, 550 crash-related deaths a year in the United States. The trouble is biggest amongst people under 25 years of ages.

Studies show that rest loss and poor-quality sleep additionally result in accidents and also injuries at work. In one research, workers that grumbled regarding extreme daytime drowsiness had dramatically more job accidents, especially duplicated job accidents. They likewise had more ill days each accident.

2. Rest Loss Dumbs You Down

Sleep plays a vital role in thinking and also finding out. The absence of rest harms these cognitive processes in many means.

Second, during the night, numerous rest cycles contribute in “settling” memories psychological. If you don’t get enough rest, you won’t be able to remember what you found out and also experienced during the day.

3. Rest Deprival Can Lead to Serious Wellness Problems

Rest disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you in jeopardy for:

Heart disease Heart attack Heart failing Uneven heart beat Hypertension Stroke Diabetes

According to some quotes, 90% of individuals with insomnia– a sleep condition defined by difficulty dropping as well as remaining asleep– additionally have another wellness problem.

4. Lack of Sleep Eliminates Sex Own

Rest professionals claim that sleep-deprived men, as well as women, report lower sex drives and less interest in sex. Depleted energy, sleepiness, as well as enhanced stress could be largely at fault.

For men with sleep apnea, a breathing problem that interrupts sleep, there might be one more element in the sexual slump. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2002 recommends that many guys with sleep apnea additionally have low testosterone levels. In the research study, almost half of the males who struggled with serious sleep apnea additionally produced abnormally reduced degrees of testosterone during the night.

5. Drowsiness Is Dismaying

With time, lack of sleep and rest conditions could contribute to the signs of anxiety. In a 2005 Sleep in The U.S.A. survey, individuals who were diagnosed with anxiety or anxiousness were most likely to rest less than 6 hrs in the evening.

One of the most typical rest disorder, sleeplessness, has the strongest web link to anxiety. In a 2007 research study of 10, 000 people, those with sleeplessness were 5 times as likely to create depression as those without. As a matter of fact, sleep problems is usually among the first symptoms of clinical depression.

Sleeplessness and anxiety eat each other. Sleep loss often exacerbates the symptoms of anxiety, as well as anxiety can make it extra difficult to drop off to sleep. On the positive side, treating sleep issues can aid depression as well as its signs, and also vice versa.

6. Lack of Sleep Ages Your Skin

Many people have actually experienced pale skin and puffy eyes after a few nights of missed sleep. It ends up that persistent sleep loss could result in uninspired skin, fine lines, and also dark circles under the eyes.

When you don’t obtain adequate sleep, your body launches even more of the tension hormone cortisol. Over amounts, cortisol could break down skin collagen, the healthy protein that keeps skin smooth and also flexible.

Sleep loss additionally causes the body to release inadequate human growth hormonal agent. When we’re young, human development hormone advertises development. As we age, it aids increase muscular tissue mass, thickens skin, and also reinforce bones.

” It’s throughout deep sleep— exactly what we call slow-wave rest– that development hormonal agent is launched,” claims sleep expert Phil Gehrman, PhD. “It appears to be component of normal cells repair service– covering the deterioration of the day.”

7. Drowsiness Makes You Forgetful

Attempting to keep your memory sharp? Try getting plenty of sleep.

8. Losing Sleep Could Make You Gain Weight

When it comes to body weight, it might be that if you snooze, you lose. The absence of sleep appears to be associated with an increase in appetite and cravings, and possibly to weight problems. According to a 2004 research study, people who rest less compared to six hours a day were nearly 30 percent most likely to end up being obese than those that rested 7 to 9 hrs.

Current research has focused on the web link in between sleep as well as the peptides that control appetite. “Ghrelin promotes cravings as well as leptin signals satiety to the brain as well as reduces cravings,” says Siebern. “Reduced rest time is linked with declines in leptin as well as altitudes in ghrelin.”

Not just does sleep loss appear to boost appetite. It also stimulates cravings for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods. Continuous researchers are considering whether sufficient sleep needs to be a basic part of weight management programs.

9. Lack of Sleep May Boost Danger of Fatality

In the “Whitehall II Research study,” British researchers looked at just how rest patterns affected the death of greater than 10, 000 British civil servants over twenty years. The results, released in 2007, showed that those who had actually cut their rest from seven to 5 hrs or fewer a night almost doubled their threat of fatality from all causes. Particularly, absence of sleep doubled the risk of death from heart disease.

10. Sleep Loss Hinders Judgment, Especially Concerning Rest

Lack of rest can impact our analysis of events. This injures our capability making audio judgments since we may not assess scenarios properly as well as act upon them intelligently.

In our progressively hectic world, operating on less sleep has come to be a kind of badge of honor. Sleep experts claim if you assume you’re doing penalty on less sleep, you’re possibly wrong.

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Some Great Suggestions To Treatment Hair Loss

Some Great Suggestions To Treatment Hair Loss

Hair Loss In the first place, researchers have been completed on why folks drop their hair strands.

They have produced two causes. Reduce costs hair thinning, where people drop their hair strands steadily. Men, as a rule, have their hair strands working from the biggest market of their foreheads. Afterwards, a hairless location will be and commence building on the rise again with the brain. Nonetheless, females change from guys they are going to commence shedding oxygen evenly, and increase baldness will lead to hair thinning in the girl.

Hair loss In Black women

This hair loss typically takes place with an afterward levels of human’s lifestyle, then folks are growing older. Nonetheless, it is known to take place when young adults will be in teen. One more reason behind hair thinning can be a circumstance the location where the head of hair commences dropping from your brain. This disorder brings about hair loss.

Cause of Hair loss

The main cause could be difficulties of thyroid gland glands, junk problems, and drugs.

Preventing Hair Loss

The guidelines relating to the prevention of hair loss starts off with the honest sets of foods. Specialists have said that teas can serve the purpose of roots of hairs advancement. In the event you take in sesame seed each morning, it could provide new hair growth nourishment. The real reason for air progress is, 125 of calcium and magnesium nutrients may be based on the sesame seed. A way of avoiding hair loss is simply by cleansing nice hair and your head of hair effectively.

Head of hair goods that have robust chemical compounds needs to be averted. The most effective strategy is the child shampoo or conditioner. Nonetheless, in no way rinse nice hair with all the infant shampoo or conditioner, over and over again in one day. Memory foam the wash in the carefully way, and lightly run dry nice hair strands using a bath towel, which can be delicate once you’ve rinsed. There is certainly crucial acrylic you could likewise use. It’s usually created by palm kneading the pinnacle with 2-3 declines with the acrylic. The acrylic needs to be used for about the time period of 2-3 several hours per day or over the night. The next step is to mask your head using a bath towel, which can be warm. This treatment can cause you much money in the salon, but you can easily do at home. There is certainly topical ointment, which is a short-term solution. Nevertheless, you will acquire solutions from your market area that can assist you in relieving nice hair loss. The above tips on the cure of hair thinning give you a good station to begin. Nonetheless, it is a wise idea to investigate all the alternatives available on the market to acquire the excellent ways of solving the problem.